For Sucess & Amazing Results
1) 100% super sucess - MIND POWER COURSE

Programming - training results in quick development of mind and personality. Sharpen your memory, learn self managment. Fifteen lessons will teach you to face the challanges of life.


2) Vaastu Art of Living - HEAL YOUR ENERGIES

For prosperity, health & more positive energies. Releasing the negative energies from your house - healing your sickness - releasing tensions - to solve day to day problems & become healthy weralthy & wise. Learn the most wanted knowledge of Vaastu ( IIm- ul-Masakan 0 - elements of Life directions and their uses.


3) Healing Touch - SELF HEALING

Workshop for healthy tension free life. H.T. will help you t0 change a healthy an d energetic person without medicines. Be your own Healers.


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