Healing your House-Building

• Vasstu (-IIam-ul-Masakan) Consultation :  Houses can be auspicious or ill efected or sick. Persons living in ill efected houses are ill and suffer from negative energies. Those houses can be treated to be healthy & prosperous. Get highly Experienced consultation for corrections of your house, factory, business complex, shop. Send the ground plan with correct Directions-North-South-East & West with D.D. Rs. 1000/-. From Plot Selection to construction. You will get back the suggestion and consultation immediately by courier services or on line in case of distant plans. Site visits can also be undertaken.


• Healing Online

Darvesh Doctor N.D. Qazi conducts instant online healing on Phone Nos. +91 9697319810, +91 9419183258. No matter from which corner of the world patient is contacting, provided he is member of Heal The World.


• Distant Healing

Stubborn unmanagable children-very weak-old-patients, edicts-who cannot reach for treatment, can be cured by Cosmic Phototherapy and spiritual healing at their respective places. Please send the recent Photograph of the patient with full name, mother's name and if possible date of birth.


•Healing Solution Sessions

Healings Sessions are proposed to be conducted at the major cities from time to time. Individuals Institutions N.G.Os. can contact for Health Wealth haromoney & peace camps.


• Personal Consultation

By appointment for any problem in life, health, wealth, Mind, Vasstu, Physical, Spiritual healing, Diagnosing & Solutions of any problem.