Get Cured at home series

Talismati Ayurveda Products for Everybody

Instant Cure & Life Transformation - a unique holistic Healthy & Spritual Energy System after 50 years of Research.

(i) Talismati Isband
(ii) Spritual Talismati personal card
(iii) Talismati Akseer to cure 5 physical disease
(iv) Talismati dhoop (Avold evil effects & spells)
(v) Talismati Roohani oil for quick results to relieve ant type of pain & negative energy
(vi) Talismati Dhoop
(vii) Talismatizaitoon
(viii) Talismati Sound Sleep
(ix) Talismati Antinegativity

And more 30 products

Healing Gadgets ( Yantras )

Our all healing yantras are scientifically researched & tested for immediate best results.

(i) Pain Pointer :-

Pain pointer is spiritualy energised by holy mantras on Bhojpatra & spl. fine wood. Relives any type of pain. Take a long deep breath, pressure the pain spot with PP, pull out & jerk foecefully for nine times. Release your breath slowly - you are relieved.

(ii) Cosmic Tele Photo Healing Plate :-

Cosmic Tele photo healing plate relieves any type of pain, diseases, ailments, emotional or habitual problems. Distant healing of addicts, heals persons. un manageable childrens, ill behaved persons, corrects ahura & chakras by keeping it on the spot or photograph of patient on the plate for 2-3 hours alternative days for distant healing.

(iii) Third Eye :-

A head wearing for enhancing sub-conscious powers while mediation. Quick results for concentration - memory while studying. Use in the morning & night for mental & spiritual powers.

(iv) Healing CD :-

Get cured of any type of disease while sitting at your home, by watching healing CD & following instructions, twice daily, in the morning & night. All most all disease are cured & all chakras & aura is corrected.


(v) Aabe-Haiyat :-

Missed therapeutics magnetised water bottle. Put the drinking water in the empty bottle in the night & drink 3 times daily. Rejunimates body cells, creates energy, heal stomach, disorders, gastric troubles, diabetics, general weakness, washes out stones, gain weight etc.


(vi) Pyramids :-

Are excellent providers of cosmic positive energy & balance the negative energies in human beings, plants, animals & any types of structures.

a) pyramids cap is a healer of brain, mind & soul. Enhances creativity - memory - concentration & relaxation speciallymade for students to wear while studying.

b) Pyramid chip - to keep in pocket small, big.

c) pyramid 4x4 - white plastic for getting cosmic energies to be kept on spots for vaastu corrections.

d) Concrete 9x9 are moulded are placed outside the building for correction of Vaastu Dosh.

e) Big wooden or bamboo structures can also be made on locations on requirements.


(vii) Roohanic Taweez :-

Special energised Roohani Taweez can be prepared for any person for any problem. Write full name along with mother's name.


(viii) Birth stones

Birth stones & special purpose stones are also available according to the need which spiritually energised & checked for individuals.



Now possible to use cosmic sound energy and revolutionize your life. The abode of the words of sound is the highest sky. The words of the creator can vibrate tremendously and form a nucleus of energy with the power to create-heal-save-protect and even to destroy. Whatever matter exists in the cosmos is the result of the sound of words of the creator. Get healed and solve your problem


Healing D.V.D: Package No.2.

Listen-Watch & Follow to clean your Chakras and get healed.

Package Cost @ Rs.300/-

Healing C.D Package : Package No.3.

Listen four times daily and be healed within 72 hours. Any ailment from Headache and cancer. Can contact personally in case of incurable disease.

Package Cost@ Rs.200/-

Grow more C.D:

Package No.4 for growing of crops, orchards, animals, pets, plants upto 30% by playing the C.D twice daily. Even childless woman can bear child, feeding mother can have more milk. Children can retain memory and good health.

Package Cost @ Rs.200/-

Package No.5: Attract money & abundance.

Listen the C.D, Play at business place twice daily and follow the instructions.

Package Cost @ Rs.200/-

Package No 7: Hair on C.D. Grow more hair

Package Cost @ Rs.200/-

PackageNo.36 hair on Oil

Package Cost @ Rs.400/-

Package No.8: All purpose C.D.

Listen and solve any day to day problem. To defuse the evil effects and negative energy. Safety in travel and anywhere to fulfill your wishes, cure diseases and get success in any work project or undertaking.

Package Cost @ Rs.200/-

Package No.9: More mileage C.D Save Fuel Save World

Play after fueling the vehicle-Motor-generator-Any Engine, Train-Aeroplane-Ship and while travelling for safety and saving 15% to 20% of the fuel. Imagine! How much fuel can be saved in the world.