About Founder

I want to see you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

• These are the words of Doctor N.D.Qazi - founder of Heal The World, Rashtriya Gaurav and Diamond Health Service international Awards receipient Vaastu Consultant, Sofi Mystic Distant and online healer, Amal-e-Haazarat, Dowsing Master, Mind meditation Trainer , and cosmic energy healer.


• Doctor N.D.Qazi established Heal The World in Jammu in 1990. He had done B.A.J.D. DNT - RMP from Kolcutta and BTP-FTII from Pune.


• He had got Certificate of excellence for meritorious services, outstanding performer remarkable role for the welbring of mankind and praise worthy achievement in the feild of holistic healing. Rashtriya Gaurav Award New Delhi, Diamond Health Services International Award Nagpur.


• The ediface is trusted to heal the world by Spritual healing and alternative systems. The 55 years of hardwork, research and practice of Doctor N.D.Qazi is the result of this concept "Heal the World" a world wide project which provides health, wealth and to lead a tension free life to every body.